Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Left Behind

When I leave Korea in a few weeks, I will be leaving many things behind.

Some of these things will be small, and rather insignificant, such as my leftover conditioner and shampoo, or some of my dignity at WA-Bar. Some of these will be big and insignificant, such as all of the clothes I've shrunk out of. (As of today, I'm down 3 kilos in a week! June 30th, here I come!)

Others will have meant much more to my overall life journey. I will be losing coworkers with whom I've bonded dearly, children whom I love almost as much as myself, and a fresh, daily supply of kimchi whenever I want.

But the part that makes me a little sad today is saying goodbye to my hairbrush. Samantha Liptac gave me a hairbrush for my 12th birthday. It's a lovely shade of sea foam green, and it has followed me from Montana to Colorado to University to well, now, Korea. The other day the bristles started to break off, leaving little pieces of plastic on my floor that look a little bit like the people pieces from the Game of Life.

And so to honor this 14-year relationship, I leave with a song.


Tracy Paige said...

I still catch myself singing "oh where is my hairbrush" while I'm hiking in the woods. I tend to think its your fault (in a good way) Love you.

Julie (It is.) said...

This song ALWAYS makes me think of Kati and Tracy!