Saturday, July 26, 2008

You'll find your happiness in Rio!

"Why is she talking about Rio? Doesn't she know she's moving to Korea? Has she been hitting the vodka again?"

No, dear reader (aka Mom and Tamara). Last night as one last night out with the girls (girls = Amanda, Vanessa (hi Vanessa!), Tamara, and Angela) we went out to the Rio by Park Meadows for some of the most potent margaritas I've ever had. I only had one, but it kept me pretty happy for 2 hours. Pretty tasty stuff, too.

It was nice to be out with them. We all had good food (too much good food, as evidenced by Tamara's desire to run, throw up, then run some more). It has been probably 3 years since I hung out with the girls, giggling and chatting, and inevitably working the conversation from drinking to guys to sex to being underpaid/underappreciated at work. The last part reinforced how easy it was to leave my previous life in an effort to chase my heart's wildest desires.

The best part for me was when the sunset started and I sat with Angie waiting for Jason to come pick her up. We set the silliness aside (although I do love me some silliness!) and talked about the adventure and what God is going to do in my life. When God told her to go, she moved from Michigan to Colorado, and despite some set backs (why do they ALWAYS involve guys?) she has grown immensely by walking with Him daily and trusting Him minute-by-minute. I felt as though I had one more thing to look back on when I go through a hard time to realize that I'm going to get through it. I have quite an arsenal, as it turns out; I'm set.


Today has been a calmer day. I took bagels to Peliton (final bagel Friday), and actually said good bye to everyone. Per usual, the only people there from Benefits were Warren, Jon, and me--and I don't even work there anymore. Valerie's cube was a disaster zone. Shelley's hair looked lovely. Tabitha looked awesome in her heels and leopard print shirt. Angie had a very, very thoughtful card to give me that I'll be sure to take along. Amanda continued to be her bright, cheerful self. Tamara still walked the halls taller and straighter-backed than the majority of the men. And Linda--my dear, beloved Linda--gave me a big hug and promised to write.

I left the building for the last time feeling good about myself and what I am about to do. It was the tallest and straightest I've ever walked out of there, and I felt as though I had a purpose again.

Unfortunately, 3 hours later that purpose was to return the pretty, shiny, red laptop because the keyboard and mousepad ceased functioning. We shall call this one Take 2. This is probably going to be my last post from Denver, Colorado. Signing off with love--and just a few stray tears.

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