Monday, April 6, 2009


As I walked back from buying chicken, I contemplated the reality that this past year (okay, 8 months) has seen a lot of firsts. First moving to a foreign country. Even if I decide to go do this ESL job in China, Iraq, Cambodia, South Korea will always be my first. My first triumph over language barrier (okay, so triumph is a bit strong), my first Christmas alone, my first broken bone (hopefully last), first time my heart has been broken by children, and so on.

When everything is shiny and new, it's easy to have an adventure. For instance, a can of cheese flavored soda can liven a day up. While the stimulation lasted longer, I'm seeing now it's up to me to keep the magic alive. Whenever I feel I'm becoming blase about something, I remember the Mary Tyler Moore Show. There's an episode where she feels blah about her life, how every morning she gets up, showers, goes to work, eats lunch, works more, and comes home. Ted Baxter told her she needs needs to Get up! and Shower! Go to Work! Eat Lunch! Work More! and Come Home!


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