Friday, April 10, 2009

Soju Thursday

After my little revelation yesterday concerning my place of employment, I was ready to celebrate having no classes today. So I grabbed up my best Canadian gal pal and we hit up the chicken galbi place.

This time I understood on the second try what the lady was saying about the spicy factor, and we got the extra spicy. It was seriously spicy and seriously awesome. The soju flowed pretty freely. (How is it soju still wasn't in my online spell check dictionary?) By pretty freely I mean, we both knew that we still have to do some work tomorrow and kept ourselves to 4 bottles.

Heather said something that made me go, hm. She said I've pulled a 180 since coming here. I used to be kind of codependent, and when the others said jump, I asked how high and then brought them a lemonade. Now I've gotten to a point where we hadn't really hung out (aside from Soju Friday) in maybe two weeks, and I wasn't a needy mess--we had both just been busy.

Another reason why it was fun last night is, I like hearing about how things are going between her and her Korean boyfriend. They've been together for almost as long as I've been here, and things have just come such a long way. He genuinely cares for her, and I think it has nurtured something inside of her. The language barrier has been interesting. For a while, when he wanted to hang out, he would ask if she wanted to play with him--it's not exactly wrong, but it's not exactly right, either.

We parted ways after 3 1/2 hours of sitting on the floor, with me desperate to get home to use my not-a-squatter toilet, and I had the happy tiredness that comes with the good end of a long day. Let's hope for the same tonight after the 5 1/2 hour teacher's seminar.

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