Monday, April 13, 2009

Thanks, mom!

Today had a rough start. I had a hard time sleeping because of a disagreement with one of my acquaintances. In one sense, she has a personality very similar to mine, but it is dissimilar enough for us to grate against one another. It's kind of like two cogs, and for whatever reason, instead of working together we're wearing each other down. So, when I woke up, I wasn't feeling all fresh and ready! to! go! to! work!

I got the shower thing done, and started to get dressed. I figured since it's around 80 in Daegu to try some new shorts my mom sent. I tried to pull them up and they wouldn't even make it to my butt. What the heck! I pulled them off and looked at the tag, but the size was right. When I held them up to another pair (a pair whose size I know is correct) there was two inches of the waistband missing. What with it being a circle (as waists tend to be), that means I am missing FOUR INCHES of fabric. Sigh.

So I changed into a less glamorous (ha) outfit and whined to my mom. She told me I was going to have a nice day, because she was praying for it so I was stuck with it. I kind of smiled and rolled my eyes and headed off, making a beeline for the nearest convenience store that sells Starbucks double shots.

Once I got upstairs for my first class, my kids were still eating their snacks, so I greeted them, reminded them that they do in fact speak English--despite a 3-day weekend's attempt at erasing everything--and before I got too far into the period, my darling baby David (the poor little guy who was in the hospital) grabbed my hand. In the past, when kids grab my hands I either get boogers, tissues, chewed up food, tickled, or pinched. But he took my right hand and pressed his lips to it and kissed it five times, then looked up with his big brown eyes and said, "Kate Teacher Princess."

I dare you to have a bad day after that.