Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I think my hamster is pregnant

*Insert shifty eyes* I think my hamster is pregnant. In the last week, she has doubled in size and eaten everything I've put into her cage. Heather said Niblet has eaten just as much, but he's only grown a little bit. When I first got her, too, remember the satanic rearing and hissing? Yeah, that's continued, and I'm a little terrified of her. Last night, instead of pooping in the house as has become common, she dragged a bunch of nesting material into the house and like cozied in. I'm very concerned.

It brings up memories of the gerbils--the 2 boy gerbils we had received for Christmas and one of them gave birth Christmas morning. Yeah that's right. Boys giving birth, alert the media! They had a ton of babies, too, and then the babies ended up inbreeding, and we had handicapped gerbils.

I really don't want baby hamsters, and I won't even consider the possibility of hill billy in-bred handicapped hamster babies. Sigh.

Today I bribed a kid to eat his rice. I told him if he ate it all by 12:00, he could have my balloon sword. It totally worked. I only have lunch duty for this class for another 3 days. Surely I can come up with a balloon-something to last the week out.

Last night I was sitting in my apartment admiring my phone--because I still couldn't think of anything better to do--when I started staring at the plug for my computer. I thought about how it is dual voltage when, like a bolt of lightning, I realized I should look at the plug for my camera battery. IT'S DUAL VOLTAGE, TOO! What a relief! I've been worried about ordering something online in Korea to obtain a method of charging my camera battery, and here it is right under my stupid nose. Now the adventures can resume, and there shall be photographic evidence. Just as soon as I get internet.

Rescued from my den of dumbness (spell check didn't ding me, so I'm using it), Ashley and I walked to get a most delicious soup last night. She didn't tell me it was floor sitting :( so I was surprised when we got there, but the smell was so enticing I would have gone anyway. We settled on our mats (and commandeered spares from nearby tables) and had the biggest pots of soup brought to us. They each held probably a liter of liquid, and then had big bones sticking out of it. The broth was actually still boiling, so we picked off the meat and tossed it in, setting aside the bones. The meat must have been braising for a long time, it just fell off and was so tender you don't need teeth! (Haha, Mississippi shout out) The spices were just right, and even the kale was good. The whole meal (two gigantic, meaty bowls of soup, kimchi, radish, and peppers) was $10 for the two of us. Awesome!

To walk off our bellies full of meat, we went to Home Plus (of course!) There was much talking and getting to know Ashley, and it was a fun time.

It's just about determined that I have the best apartment. It's one of the smaller ones, but the decor (dark wood, nice floors, rad bathroom) makes it prime. Also the separate room for laundry and entry. I win!

And for those curious readers, the toilet paper stays dry with a metal flap covering it.

I have had the opportunity to speak with my mom on the phone a few times, and it's been nice to hear a voice from home. It sounds like my parents are having a good time in Billings with their parents. ... Did I mention my grandma thought I was a telemarketer and hung up on me? Love you, Gammy.


Tracy Paige said...

Hill billy inbred genetically defunct hamsters eh? Now thats a serious problem bud. I recommed that if your hamster truely is preggers you take the baby hamsters to school and offer them as rewards to your kids (once they are weaned of course). That way you wont have incestual relationships going on in the hamster cage once they are old enough to have their hormones working in full swing. Heck you could even take your hamster in right now and they could make their observations of the pregnancy and birth an english project. Just an idea. Kami did that with a turtle she had... I think the turtle died though. Hmmm maybe its not the best of ideas. Anyway, say hello to your folks from me when you get a chance. Keep having fun Flame!!!

Miss Chris said...

Looking forward to seeing pics! Your sense of humor is just what the dr ordered after a long day of school counseloring! (spellcheck did ding that one, but I am using it anyway) Thanks for letting me enjoy your experience vicariously!! Good luck with the hamster experiment. I like the idea of the previous commenter. Use the defective offspring as bribes to get kids to eat their rice. You get rid of the mutants and do not have to make anymore balloon shapes. Your students take home a gift I am sure their parents will enjoy. See, it's win-win for everyone!

Julie (It is.) said...

Um, speaking as a parent who had a rodent come home with the child... oh, nevermind. Go for it!