Thursday, August 28, 2008

It finally happened!

After a month of crazy, swerving, erratic, unturnsignaly driving, there was a wreck in front of my apartment. I wasn't even going to post about it, but it was so strange by comparison to American standards that I felt compelled.

Despite the fact that the front of the taxi was severely crunched from ramming into someone who apparently did not take my father's "how to back out without dying" driving class, and the fact that there are enormous shards of plastic littered in the street, I have not heard 1 siren.

Information was politely exchanged and both drivers headed back on their way. No holding up traffic. No yelling. No asshole driving with his leg hanging out of the driver's side window.


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Tracy Paige said...

Now why couldn't an accident work like that in Denver? People actually being polite and exchanging information. If that happened around here I'd fecal matter a brick (he he he... I've started saying that rather than $hit a brick lately... don't ask. Its nice to know that somewhere in the world people are actually civil to one another.