Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pottery and Rain

Yesterday Tere and I met up and went to the Daegu National Museum, where I learned a ton.

1) Bring an umbrella at all times.
2) Crocs = slippery when wet
3) Fan Death--leaving your fan on at night can kill you by hypothermia, giving you pneumonia, and etc., so do not leave your fan on at night.
4) Every country has old pots to show.

Tere made an interesting observation while we were there: instinctively, it seems as though each culture uses decorating the head as the preferred method of demonstrating authority. Some of the crowns that the early Koreans invented were so peculiarly flimsy, with teeny tiny little decorations that looked like they could fall off if you breathed too hard. I just realized, though, that none of those teeny little pieces were missing. Maybe the crowns were constructed more heartily than I initially gave them credit for.

Afterwards we had a Korean version of a German pancake, and it was actually pretty good. Mostly what stands out in my mind, though, is that you have to sit on the floor. My right leg took approximately 90 seconds to fall asleep. I stretched all out under the table, though, and it was more comfortable. I wouldn't want to eat a 3-4 hour meal there, but 1-1/2 would be tolerable. :) Particularly since the spicy noodles and spicy soy sauce and German pancake were delicious.

I got soaked on the way home (it's sunny out now, but I have my umbrella--lesson learned), which was not particularly good for my cold which has primarily settled in my chest, now. Should be gone shortly, then, though, and I am glad for the 3-day weekend to heal. I have settled the matter with Wells Fargo that I am in fact living in another country, now, and am ready to go buy more brightly colored paper to settle in for an afternoon of letter writing.

God bless.


Miss Chris said...

Glad you are beginning to feel better and I am really enjoying your writing style! (It is remarkably similar to the written stylings of your mother! Which is a very big compliment from me)

Tracy Paige said...

Its good to know that you have German pancakes available to you. Don't know if you'd survive otherwise *teases*. When I was younger I went to the Natural History Museum in Denver when they were having an exhibit on the Aztecs. Some of their garmets and other pieces of artisan work were also very delicate and intricate. Its pretty amazing that their work can stand the test of time, while we buy something from Old Navy that will only last a year or two before the seams wear out. Makes you wonder if we've really advanced all that much. Glad you are still haveing fun and enjoying yourself. Hope your feeling better.

Julie (It is.) said...

Yay German pancakes! Yay umbrellas! Yay 3 day weekends!