Monday, August 18, 2008

Just when I was growing accustomed...

First off, people are leaving me comments. WHOOPPEEEEE. And I only get online 4-5 times a week, so they build up, and it's super exciting. I'm FAMOUS. ... It all makes sense, now. That's why I have my 13-year-old paparazzi.

Second, I was concerned about the adventure growing stale and the newness wearing off. I want to make sure this Korean thing doesn't run stale, so I need to always be trying new things and keep denying myself access to the English-esque bakery and really pushing outside my boundaries. Today, Lion helped me do that.

It was a peaceful Monday morning, and I had 4 semi-quiet boys on my hands, working to finish their workbooks so we can play hangman. One got up to ask a question, and as he handed me his workbook I glanced down just in time for his bright yellow shorts to literally fall off. They were zipped up, buttoned up, the boy is just so tiny that they had nothing to hold onto. When I asked the Korean teachers for help, he came back with a big (but colorful!) alligator clip cinching off 6 extra inches of fabric. I may have had to adjust the clip 3-4 times, but at least there were no more Superman sightings in Swan Class.

*Willing to take advice from moms on how to get kids to eat, btw.*

I have entered my 4th week here in Korea, and the lessons have begun. I have been monitoring my self-talk, and it is all surprisingly negative. For such a happy person, I am so hard on myself. I've decided to give myself a vacation from it, and I must admit I've slept better. That could also be attributed to my snazzy panda sleeping mask.

I now have a cell phone (yay!) so I no longer live in the dark ages. I'm glad to have some sort of contact with the outside world, but the little walk to Mel's probably does me good. I've been pondering maybe telling you who all of these people are. ... I'm still in the thinking stage, though. :) I get to go spend 2 hours doing as I please. Tschuess!


Julie (It is.) said...

Sometimes my thinking stage lasts for...weeks.

Tracy Paige said...

I can just picture you in a Panda sleep mask. Much more fun than the blue one you had while we were roommates I'm sure.

Tracy Paige said...
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Julie (It is.) said...

I've been thinking about this. I didn't realize pandas wore sleep masks. Go figure. You learn something new every day!

Lorraine said...

I'm going to have my own blog!

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