Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wearing lipstick belonging to a lady of the night.

Friday is an 80's birthday party, and Saturday is a going-away party for SIX teachers! So there is going to be a lot of partying, dancing, sweating, and bad, bad costumes. Here in the land of "size 4 is chunky!" I have completely abandoned all hope of finding leggings (is it possible to abandon zero hope?), and I have focused all of my attention on trying to be 80's chic with make up and hair baubles alone. So far all I have accomplished is an embarrassingly bright shade of red lipstick.

What's worse is I kind of like it.


I'm going to go bury my head in shame, but know that there should be pictures at a later date. Unless all evidence is destroyed in the meantime.


Tracy Paige said...

You could always get a wig in the shape of a mohawk thats been spiked. It was the big 80's style in London... don't forget stripes and polka dots were also pretty big... along with shoulder pads. How the hell did people actually get up in the morning and want to wear this stuff in the 80's I know not. Have fun Miss Lady of the Night.

Julie (It is.) said...

your eyes are beautiful. Amazing that I could notice that with the distraction of screaming red lips. Also, your face looks more angular ;)