Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pleased to Announce...

My hamster has not given birth, and I no longer believe she will. She just grew. A lot.

Today was parents' day (a day when parents can come not understand my English, too!), and not one kid's parents loved them enough to come make me nervous. Hip hip hooray! I was ready for it--I planned extra, wore a SKIRT, and had given myself the "God will get you through this awful public speaking experience" prep talk (and actually believed it). So I guess we know why no one showed up. lol

The parties are lined up for the next several evenings. Tonight is "welcome new guy to Korea" night, since Jeff has arrived from Canada. We're doing as much with Galbi, the pork dish I've been dying to try for a month. Tomorrow night is a good bye dinner for Tere. Friday night is Ashley's bday. Saturday night is a good bye for everyone else dinner. Holy crap! So if you wonder, "where's Kati?" the answer is simple: probably under the table thanks to all the soju.

Today was a rough day. Mondays are easy because I have 6 classes, and Tuesdays I have 6 again. Wednesdays I get smacked upside the head with 8. In addition to that, I had a short fuse and very naughty kindergartners. They were screaming, running, drawing on the table, and fighting. Since we were studying "happy, sad, angry, scared, and sick," I suggested they tell me what teacher's face looked like. "Angry!" they all screamed, and then their eyes went big as they realized what was happening. I wrote a list of 6 rules and made them write them down over and over in both classes, and it was the quietest afternoon I've ever had. Tomorrow, though, will be the time to see if the proof is in the pudding.

The older kids were okay this afternoon. I have 2 girls who really memorized "Peter Piper," and they race each other to see who can say it first. I told them all we'd compete on Friday, so I better get some prizes! My toughest class was my toughest class, but I out-witted them. They thought they knew their prepositions because they memorized what the book said, but when issued a worksheet composed separately from the book involving a zoo map it pleasantly took the rest of the period. Bwuaha, I out-smarted 11-year-olds.

That about brings my post to a conclusion before I go to change out of my skirt, but I do have one observation to share. The last few days, I have felt taller, my posture has improved, and when I walk down the street I feel prettier than I did a month ago. So, to my constantly adoring Panda class (Paul, Ryan, Amy, Sue, Jenny and Laura), I send my thanks.

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Julie (It is.) said...

Have fun!

(and good job on outwitting 11 year olds)