Sunday, August 31, 2008

So much to update, so little time...

It is 7:29 a.m., and I have just emerged from the shower after arriving home from a night of dancing. I am so glad it's Sunday, I don't even know where to begin to explain my happiness. Tomorrow is Monday, which means the safety of sweet children's arms wrapped around me, sharing their love and comfort. (I'm laughing, are you?)

On Friday we had a field trip to a musical for the kinder, and it was fantastic. I took photos, so I'll do a post about it at another time. Also, it was Ashley's birthday, which was equally as fantastic. My pictures from that, however, did not turn out (aw) so a post about that will have to wait until someone brave has uploaded her pictures to Facebook.

After a long day of sleeping Saturday, it was time to go out and say good bye to several people I've gotten to know over the last month. We went to a very nice hotel after a very nice taxi drive where we ate very nice food and giggled while people danced to a very funny band. Afterward, there was of course more downtown dancing action and well... that basically puts us at 7:33 a.m., what with 4 minutes of writing and all.

On the walk from the bus stop to my door, I was feeling badly for myself as a guy I had started to like gave me a, "we could be really, really good friends. Great friends, even," kiss off, and then I saw four older women walk by me. They were obviously friends out for their morning walk (while I walked by basically looking shipwrecked), and the thought occurred to me that I need to choose how I feel about certain situations.

This person is leaving in a few months, and thus has very little bearing on this 100-year adventure God calls life. Those friends, though, have stuck by each other through unhappy marriages, deaths of families, Christmases and New Years. And as I look at the larger picture that is Kate's life, I see two grandmothers, one grandfather, one father, one mother, one sister, and one beloved college roommate who have stood by thick and thin for all my life (well, except Tracy, who through no fault of her own has only known me since 2001). I have been fortunate enough to have made friends from coworkers despite having only been chained to the cubicle for a year, and already in Korea I have met some of the most incredible people who already see the butterfly I'm struggling to become.

That seems kind of wordy and rambling. I suppose what I'm trying to say is, this blog is the chronicle of my incredibly awesome year in South Korea, and I intend to stay focused on the doors being opened and the positive changes.

In other news, I think Costco is from Satan. I've already eaten like 1/3 of this ginormous brick of cheese, and I think I've halted all weight loss progress.

For all those cheap gourmands out there, here's something I have developed a passion for: you make ramen, spicy ramen, and then you make rice. Take a spoonful of rice and dip it in the ramen broth. Screw the noodles, this is absolutely fantastic.

It's definitely bed time.


Tracy Paige said...

yep... that is a pic you took of me in good ol Pearl. I'm pretty sure it was after an interesting afternoon of drinking in the dorm room. *winks*

Julie (It is.) said...

Costco is NOT from Satan. Cheese might be, but NOT COSTCO.

Tracy Paige said...

I have to agree with your mom there. Costco is still awesome, though I happen to think cheese is as well in suitable moderation. By the way thanks for the kind words in your blog here. You know no matter what I'll always be around. I'm kind of like some incurable disease *grins*. You know... when you think about it it we've actually known eachother for 7 years... thats pretty good really. I only have two other super close friends that I've known longer. Tim and Amanda and thats just cuz we all grew up together and went to the same church. The rest of them just went by the wayside. But when you share margaritas in Brenda's backyard hot tub you know thats the kind of stuff that lasts forever.