Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas, Pt II

Look, my blog is like the movie theaters of summer '08: full of sequels! (Okay, it was triquels, but I'm still clever!)

This morning I was walking to school, mulling over about how Christmas really wasn't that bad. The day itself was rough, but it turns out I'm easily distracted (oooh, shiny!). I was thinking about lunar New Year coming up this Monday, and how it's going to be more deserted than Christmas was, so I might get a weird deja vu feeling.

Little did she know.

Today a package arrived that was supposed to be filled with bras and underwear I ordered in a post-Christmas sale, what with Koreans having neither breasts nor an ass--or any notable body fat to speak of. As is my habit, I opened it from the bottom because by the time it arrives, there are so many papers taped to the front that I can't cut through them. Immediately I was greeted by a suspiciously familiar lime green fuzzy blanket. "Why did mom send me Gammy's blanket?" I wondered, then realized there was a pink ribbon wrapped around it. "Why did mom re-wrap Gammy's blanket?" was the next thought to follow. (For those who are unaware, under all this red I am blond.) Realizing it was probably new, I still didn't put two and two together, "Why would they buy a new one?" Then the light flickered: it's a present from someone else! WOO HOO! I open up the card (cute little reindeer) and smile: Tabitha, Tamara, Tosha, and James all signed it (probably at Tuk Tuk). I'm grateful for how well-thought of I am, despite completely abandoning them to trot around the globe.

A bunch of stuff came that was neither wrapped nor tagged, so it could either be from them or my sister. Molly definitely sent me a beautiful journal and an awesome apple necklace, but then there's: another journal (with a pen, thanks!), cookies, Crystal Light (probably Tamara, what with having a severe addiction to Cherry Pomegranate), gummy bears (whose packaging lies: 8 oz is not a value pack; five pounds is a value pack), Lemon heads, a martini glass (Tabitha's influence?), a candy shot glass (heh, Tamara), lotion, and a cute felt Santa bucket to keep it all in. And various safety pins and sewing apparatuses, probably my sensible mother.

Thank you all for your thoughtfulness. I sat amidst my pile of presents (aka loot) for a good five minutes, overwhelmed and sincerely, heart-felt grateful. Imagine if you will, Kate Southern rendered speechless.


James H. said...

Very exciting! Merry Christmas all over again!

James H. said...
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James H. said...
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TLL484 said...

Yay, I'm so glad you received it! We definitely were thinking about you at Christmas...enjoy your "loot." :)

Molly Joy said...

SPEECHLESS?!?! That happens?!

Sues said...

Why, I don't think you could go speachless?! If I would have only known of the gifts... I could have added! Your x-mas card is still sitting here without a stamp. boo hoo!