Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Lucky No. 4

Ahem. Someone has a new phone.

This someone didn't necessarily "need" a new phone, what with having kept tabs on the last one. For those who are new, though, let's review.

Upon arriving in Korea, I inherited a phone with a significant amount of credit on it. It was small, blue, and egg-shaped. This phone got me through my first two months quite well, but because it was registered in someone else's name, and that someone else had fled the country, I was unable to continue using it. And there may have been a drunken falling-out-of-my-pocket-in-a-taxi incident that involved a trip to the 3rd district police office. Then again, maybe not.

So, phone number two was an extravagant purchase ($200) and shiny. It was beautiful, I could use it as a mirror. It took wonderful pictures, had a great dictionary (Eng:Korean), and (maybe pathetically) made me happy to play with it. You'd think I would have taken better care of it, but it managed to slip out of my pocket (same pocket as in the previously mentioned possible scenario) on the way back from Costco. Sigh. This was but a few days before the broken leg incident of '08.

Phone number three was a donation from Mel. She and Heather got similar phones (okay, exactly the same except in color), and didn't mind letting me use it. A few times, I couldn't call out, and the phone is in her name so I have to ask her to charge it and etc. We could put it in my name or...

Alice and I went phone shopping last night. This involved a lot of Korean speaking while I pushed buttons, ate oranges, and drank tea. After a few stores wondered what was wrong with me for not having a Korean credit card, we found one that was happy with my bank account number. So I now have the absolute newest phone possible. It's white and red and has an antenna for watching TV (a function that only works in Seoul, but hey, still cool.) It fits my hand well, takes 2.0 mp pictures, and makes cheerful little beeping noises at every move I take. There's a button specifically for the translator, makes an excellent MP3 player, and doesn't have any buttons easy to hit when talking. Insert happy sigh.

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