Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

So it's a little late, but my internet was down. I had the most forgettable night of my life, apparently, New Year's Eve thanks to some evil Italian poison. Fortunately there was a Gossip Girl marathon on yesterday, and aside from a quick jaunt for BBQ chicken so hot it made my tongue burn, I spent the day with the remote and enjoyed a blissfully uneventful day.

Today, then, I had a whole day's energy stored up. I woke up, took care of my internet problem, and bounced around my apartment waiting to go to a new Mexican place with M & H. They took TWO HOURS to get ready, and by then they were in the mood for fish and chips. ... I still got a breakfast burrito, so it was all good. Then we shopped and shopped, looking for phone charms, raiding sales, and I found the first blush I've ever really loved. Mineral (mom would be so proud) and perfectly pink. I love pink.

Oh, yesterday I did do some soul searching. The way things stand right now, I see a motherly trait in myself, that I can look at a person and see what they could be at their best and desire to help them achieve that. Just wish some of them would stop resisting... Also, I see that while life is an incredibly long journey to discovering who we are and how we work, I can feel proud of what I've accomplished so far. Yeah, I'm not married, no, I don't have any kids, and yeah, I still haven't gone to law school, but I also spend more daily time with God than ever before, and I show more love on a daily basis than I ever thought I possessed.

On a lighter side, I saw two pretty dragonfly bobby pins that I saw, liked, bought, and am now wearing. Yay shiny~

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MamaB said...

Hi Kate! I'm another one of your mom's friends who has come to know you through your fabulous Mom!!!!!
I'm finally figuring out how to follow blogs (I think) so I added yours to my list. Hope that's ok with you :D