Monday, January 19, 2009

Rock Star Legacy, Pt II

Today I was doing my weekly shopping at Home Plus. I got toilet bowl cleaner, Jack Daniels, a lint roller, air freshener, coffee cup, avocado, and other stuff I can't even remember, now. I'm excited to have my own coffee cup at work so people will stop taking the one I have rightfully stolen, cleaning it, and putting it away! (This is kind of funny given my recent passion for having all of my dishes clean as soon as I'm done using them. My dad would die of shock, and be very proud in his grave.)

As I was walking out with my cart (to be returned to the coral lest I lose my 10 cents), a little boy who probably learned how to walk two months ago pointed at me, screamed at his mother, then started running as fast as his little chubby legs would carry him right at me. Yeah, I'm sort of a big deal.


Julie (It is.) said...

Dad is glowing, he is so proud.

James H. said...

Now that would have been a great shot for the 52 project!