Thursday, January 8, 2009

Miss Chris is Making me Blog

I thought about trying to think of something this morning, but per Kate's usual, I procrastinated up until the moment someone brought my inactivity to my attention. (Those who have known me for a while may remember the Senior Thesis of '04. And '05. And '06.)

School has been a flurry of transitions. In seven of my classes, we changed to new books, and I'm having fun seeing that my kids have actually learned, and that they are able to apply the past to the present. Now not only can we say, "Mike is reading a book," we can say, "Mike is reading a book in the library." Sometimes it's "Mike is read book in library," but it's all a long learning progress.

The countdown has started for when Mel and Kevin will flee the peninsula for greener (whiter?) pastures. Mel will be headed to Canada for a while to hang out with her previously-departed BFF Ashley, while Kevin will embark on an adventure on a trans-Siberia train ride. I'd hate to copycat him, but it actually sounds pretty cool. I'm very interested in the idea of taking some sort of slow transportation to see some countryside: train would be cool, but I'm also kind of interested in taking a boat home. (Slow boat from China anyone?)

For dinner today, Yuria and I reconnected and we went for chicken galbi. It was totally different from the regular galbi! It was chunks of chicken (no really?) with cabbage, rice cakes, and red pepper paste (of course). They brought out this HEAPING platter and of course we cooked it in front of ourselves. Instead of a dangerous (potentially leg-burning) pot of hot coals, it was more like a shallow, wide slow cooker, and we pushed the stuff around, scraping the bottom, for about five minutes. Then we let it cook down and enjoy! There were about ten side dishes, including squid tentacles (do they have tentacles or legs?), cold radish soup, weird tofu + kimchi concoction, broccoli in some sauce, and others I didn't recognize. I do think it's interesting that in the past week I've had six side dishes I didn't recognize, even though I'm on my sixth (!!!!!!) month in Korea.

I have pictures, but again, we're facing the lazy/procrastinating issue, so stay tuned...


Tracy Paige said...

Procrastination? Huh... what are you talking about? Are you saying that our 3 oclock mornings in the coffee shop at walmart were due to procrastination? Note the sarcasm in this post. Lets just say that procrastination is so much more enjoyable then getting stuff out of the way. We had good times.

Miss Chris said...

I am not sure who the heck that Miss Chris thinks she is, but I am glad she made you post!