Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another one bites the dust

I had a date last night. It was under slightly shady circumstances, so I was feeling kind of embarrassed about the situation. I met a guy from off of the internet at the train station. His English was fluent, and he had a lot of things in common with my dad (motorcycles, cool cars, boyish looks despite age, blah blah blah).

Then we went to a bar, and he started drinking. And then he started being a little inappropriate. So I walked him back to his hotel (he'd only been to Daegu once, he said--I know it may have been a little naive of me, but there were people around). "Why don't we just be together?" A smile, turn on my heel, and call to Hannah later, and I was at Garten Bier with my beloved Soju Friday gang. While I am glad to have tried something new, I'm disappointed to find that men are men around the world.

Yet still find myself hoping that the Mr. Rights are Mr. Right around the world, too. I think it's possible my 4-year-olds' optimism is infectious--just like their colds.

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