Thursday, March 12, 2009

Getting Ready for School

As I put my shorts on this morning (hehehe enjoying winter, North Americans?), I remembered trying to talk my mom into letting me wear shorts when I was in 1st or 2nd grade, and she always said it had to be such-and-such degrees in the morning, and I would check but it didn't happen until the second to last day of school. And I was always cold, but darn it, I was wearing my new shorts!

Today, I am sick of pants. Until recently, I was too lazy to take my Christmas pants to the dry cleaner to be repaired, so I had been wearing the same pairs for 3 or so weeks. Just depressing. So today it is shorts, and the shorts confirmed my sneaking suspicion that I had lost weight, what with falling off my hips.

Woo hoo!


Julie (It is.) said...


Tracy Paige said...

I love that feeling when you put on clothes that were fitting and you find that they dont anymore for the good reason rather than the bad. Hooray for loose fitting shorts!

misha ryan said...

oooh, I'm so jealous! I just put on a jacket, long pant, and long socks! (dammit)

TLL484 said...


James H. said...

Love the shorts falling off! know what I mean.

Just for reading this I'm going to brave the 50 degree temp here today and wear shorts in your honor. YAY shorts!