Monday, March 2, 2009


Today was spent cleaning up classrooms, literally scrubbing crayon off of walls. I scraped BOOGERS off of walls. It was a high point in my life, haha. But I guarantee my mom is smiling, knowing that what goes around does in fact come around. I only had to teach three classes, so it was a very light-hearted day.

I was starting to feel unwanted as a result of a certain unrequited crush, but after a weekend out on the town, my phone's been chirping pleasantly. It's not so much a quest for love as enjoying being... well, wanted. At least it's nice to have more people to talk to, and really they're getting English practice out of it. Win/win?

Tomorrow night Alice and I are going out to see a movie, and she's promised to help me with my Korean. I'm looking forward to it; I can definitely use the help! This is a bit low on the entertainment value, but really: all cases of errant boogers should be noted!

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Tracy Paige said...

Well when in doubt you know I always want you ... rarrrr *making eyes at Kati*. Used to love how that freaked you out. But by now I've corrupted you to the point where my goofy passes don't even phase you... *sigh* my work here is done young grasshopper.