Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Series of Unfortunate Events

The last few days have been a bit rough in Kindergarten. In addition to new students, former students were moved into different classrooms, changing floors of the building and new playing equipment. On the second floor we have a huge wooden boat filled with balls that the kids love to play on/in/around. Unfortunately, on Monday a student fell and hit her head pretty hard. Our vice director made the decision not to call the mom, so that evening the mom called the school asking why her daughter was so sleepy. Poor little Sunny had a concussion going untreated and developed swelling of the brain. After a 3 1/2 hour surgery today, though, she was joking with her parents and her normal self.

The teachers involved have been under a blanket of guilt, fear, and feelings of inadequacy since it came to light, when really--accidents happen. I know back home the parents would be suing, the child would never step foot in our academy, and there would probably be a piece in the news about what an unfit school we are. I wish the mother had been informed of what had happened, but the past can't be changed. It is refreshing that the parents accept that accidents happen. I feel fortunate that we are going to have a happy ending and that Sunny will return to the school shortly.

Last night, though, was rough for the teachers involved. Heather was visibly shaken up by the events, and she rarely shows her nerves. So, on a Tuesday night, over a big plate of meat, Heather, Kayleigh and I toasted to everything under the sun (toasting to toast several times) and had an impromptu soju evening. The laughter was so heart-felt and so genuine, it was like pouring endorphins into our bloodstreams. Today, despite 66% of our party having hangovers (wheee soju immunity!), our spirits were still higher, improved infinitely by news of Sunny.


Tracy Paige said...

lol... so you weren't part of that 66% of the party having hangovers huh. You were pretty funny to talk to online thats for sure. Hope you got some rest after I signed off. Love ya bud.

misha ryan said...

oh, you're so right about the outcome back home. You're friend is lucky that everyone is so cool and that she has such supportive friends like you. I can imagine the emotional pain she must have been feeling.