Thursday, March 19, 2009


Summer just arrived in Korea. ... And it's really hot.

On Monday, I was pretty sure that I was never going to warm up. On Tuesday, I was pretty good, just wore a sweatshirt. Yesterday I was boasting about how warm it is with my short-sleeved shirt and skirt. Today I am a puddle on my floor. This is the moment that I spent thinking about all winter, consoling myself with the info that I may be cold, but nowhere near as cold as I was hot during the summer.

Oh well. Thanks to an Easter package from my very thoughtful mommy, I have new shorts, new shirts, and a book to read by the air conditioner. And now I have Cheetos; I'm just in need of a bean bag chair.

This week has been long and draining. I absolutely love my kids, but the management is really starting to be picky about lesson planning and preparation. To be honest, I've improved so significantly over where I was that I feel a little hurt. But, as I'm learning, I can choose what to dwell on: their insatiability or my own achievements. This time I choose the latter.

Funny stories...

Today I was concluding a lesson as the bell rang and looked up just in time to see one of my students from the other class running to the bathroom with his pants already down around his knees. I done been mooned!

Another little boy is in his father's care while his mother is on a high school field trip (as a teacher, not a student). As a result, the poor little guy had no parent signature on his daily report, nor did he have any underpants. Awww.

One class will sense Kate Teacher's impending wrath and one student will start saying, "beeeeee," and the others will chime in (screaming, of course) "QUIET!!!!!!!!!!"

The other class will sense the impending wrath and will start telling me I'm a pretty princess. :)

I am told every day, literally a hundred times, that I am loved, and at least twenty times that I am beautiful. Is it any wonder why, despite disagreements with management, I am very tempted to stay? I will always have someone (coworker or other) with whom I don't get along, but I'm not guaranteed to have this bond with the kids.

Also, there's a new foreigner in my building! She's Lauren, from Massachusetts, and has cats. This is her fourth year in Korea, and she seems friendly. Looking forward to getting to know her more.

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misha ryan said...

I can relate to your admin story, been there. I find it helps to remember how much you're loved by your kiddo's. That's what's important ; )