Sunday, March 29, 2009

Obladi Oblada

This weekend was maybe not one of my finer weekends. It started off with hitting the soju hard Friday night, then the soju hitting back Saturday morning. :( So much for my theory that I don't get hangovers. Halfway through my Korean class (where we learned more incredibly long words like "phone number" and "happy birthday"), Sara texted that she was already at Costco! Hooray! I scooted out to meet her, Pete, and their two friends for some quality shopping time.

I got Q-Tips. They are wonderful.

They literally came just to stock up on stuff that isn't easily (or cheaply) accessible, then packed up (3 suitcases) and headed off. It was so nice to see a familiar face, and yet awkward being around people taller than I am.

Another night of drinking and dancing, and today I was pretty much dead. Thankfully not hungover, but entirely in need of a rest. After about two hours, though, I grew bored of World of Warcraft (didn't think it possible, didja?), and puttered around until dinner with Heather. We went for haejangguk (hangover soup, ironically enough) and it was absolutely wonderful. As I walked, I felt tired, sore, sick (thanks, Emily "I love picking my nose" student), but had the presence of mind to tell myself to knock it off! Stop focusing on the negative! So I concentrated on the delightful feeling of taking a step with my left foot, being able to go heel-toe-heel-toe, and not having the grinding feeling of two unhealed bones rubbing against each other. I focused on how, despite feeling ill, I was still able to take a full, deep breath, filling my lungs and then letting it all flow out. Despite being on my way to dinner, I was glad not to feel like I was starving of hunger.

So life doesn't happen the way we want. For whatever reason, we "fall in love" with people who don't love us back. We break our legs doing mundane things like walking from the doctor's office. Without excuse, we get the hiccups that shake our whole bodies. Sometimes we have to go three months of work without a day off--even having to add a few Saturdays. But it's so much better than the alternatives. Not being able to love, not having legs to break, not being able to breathe on our own, not having a job.

On that note, the Office was hilarious, and I so knew Pam was going to do what she did.


Miss Chris said...

Awww sweetie, sounds like you are doing a fine job out of making lemonade from the lemons life has been throwing at you. I had a little chat with your mom the other night and assured her that I have a voodoo doll for your not so princely prince and he will continue to suffer if he does not get his act together!!!

misha said...

yeah q-tips! please let me know if you need any simple American goods. I'm happy to get them to you ; )