Friday, March 27, 2009

Rough Day

In college, an adviser from Campus Crusade for Christ had some advice that there are no bad days--all days have some silver lining or another--but there are hard days. Yesterday was one of those.

In Kindergarten, I only had 14 students total, but no fewer than six of them cried. When I caught two boys drawing censored private parts, I told them to do hands up. One of them started bawling instantaneously. I still made him go through the punishment. The other one saw it unnerved me, so he started to cry, too. Sigh. Then the itchy back girl started to cry for whatever reason (now she just thinks it's her responsibility to be sensitive, and I hope I can show her it isn't), and one boy poked another boy in the eye, so the pokee cried, then the poker cried after Alex sat him down and lectured him. In the afternoon, I discovered that the second crier from the morning was having his birthday (oops), and after his father brought everyone a flower, someone's decoration fell off.

I was almost grateful for my 2 o'clock break. Well, I was, and it just ended. I went to Yuria's office and there was Albert. When I asked about the weekend, he had to cancel because his brother-in-law strong-armed him into going to the brother-in-law's family reunion.

The rest of the day was just kind of gloomy and filled with disappointment. I went to bed at 10, woke up at 6:30. I think it's interesting because I haven't seen a sober sunrise in a very long time, and back home I thought they were boring. In Korea, I think it might actually be more colorful than the sunset. Interesting.


Julie (It is.) said...

At least it isn't blizzarding.

Yeah, I know. Not much help :(

pam said...

ONLY 6 kids crying? Why that's not even close to a record! Just Kidding! Sorry you had a rough day. Punishment is as hard on the giver as the reciever in my opinion, but so important. I hope your weekend goes well. Think of us in the snow.....