Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Glad I Didn't Prepare

You know, after eight semesters of college, I pretty much acquired a constant feeling of, "I wish I had prepared better" for that paper/exam/night of drinking. I felt pretty unprepared for a career in property management, and I definitely flat out wasn't prepared for a job in medical insurance.

Then today happened. I had a pretty busy day, actually. This morning I prepped both of my classes for the tests I administered after lunch. Then during my break, it took me forty of the sixty minutes to correct these tests, leaving me without a whole lot of time to prepare for my afternoon classes. Alex gave me the message that two of my three weren't coming to my last class, so I was pretty concerned about how I was going to entertain one child for forty minutes, but it got pushed to the back of my mind as I realized I had more tests and so forth.

With two of my afternoon classes finished, I hung around my classroom waiting for the one child. A quick ride down the elevator, and I found out my last class was canceled--no one was coming! And so, while this story is neither informative nor entertaining, I would like to make one of those statements that one rarely gets to make: I'm glad I didn't prepare. :)


Julie (It is.) said...

Hope the tests went well!

James H. said...

Sometimes the best preparation is no preparation at all.