Wednesday, September 17, 2008

10 classes later...

Thanks to the wonders of lunch duty, I had 10 classes today. Honestly, they were fine. Actually, they were great. It just makes for a long day.

I just had the best idea I've had in like 12 hours. I SHOULD GET MCDONALD'S FOR DINNER! And just so things don't get boring, maybe I'll get something other than the Shanghai Spice Chicken Burger. ... So who else is laughing?

I got my beloved roommate Tracy's letter today. It was heart-warming, and I cried a little at the news about her dad. Any spare prayers for her and her family would be appreciated. The best part about the letter was, it was relatively simple to read; there were some inside things, but for the most part it was understandable English, so I let a student read it while the slower kids finished their homework.

She still has it. Oops.

Something awesome about getting a new haircut is people noticing (thanks Miss Chris!) Something awesome about getting a new haircut in South Korea is that EVERYONE notices. "Oh my God, there is approximately 6 inches of blonde hair missing from this office! WHERE DID IT GO?!" I exaggerate a little (me? never!), but the truth remains: I was stared at, in a good way, admired, and felt girly. It's really nice to feel pretty.

Did I mention fries are always hot in Korea?

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Tracy Paige said...

Hey hey hey... fries are hot in the U.S too. Its the always part that we have trouble with *winks*. Glad you got my letter and I think its cool that you used it in a class. Go me! Dad's newest treatment started this past Monday and for being as tired and weak as he is right now he is still in good spirits so thats half the battle. Thanks for the love and prayers bud.