Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Office, Season 4

I am currently downloading all of The Office, Season 4, at the rate of 3 kb/s--FROM NINE HOSTS. At this rate, it will take oh wait now it's at 0 kb/s, and it is going to take 393 days, 23 hours, 21 minutes, and 40 seconds to download the whole thing.

Appreciate the Targety-goodness of the States.

In other news, I made over a million dollars last month. Oh wait, no, over a million won. Haha, I keep getting that confused! ... Regardless, I took home $300 more than I expected, so I'm pleased.

I know you're all wondering, Kate, how much did you pay in taxes? Well, let me tell you. I paid exactly $31 dollars in taxes. I may make less than at Peliton, but I sure as hell take home a lot more. AND when I leave, I get the $90 each month for pension BACK, and it actually doubles because my employer is kicking in $90, too!


Julie (It is.) said...

So,here's the deal. *I* have a target...

Tracy Paige said...

You don't have to be half way across the world to miss Target. I live far enough away from any type of civilzation to miss all forms of true shopping centers. My only consolation is that I have a Target Gift card that I've been wacking away at with online shopping. The money on it goes a lot faster though when you have to pay for shipping. *sigh*