Wednesday, September 24, 2008

12:32 a.m. and too much coffee

Today has been a long day.

Once a month, we are required to fill out progress sheets for each of our darling children. I have 78. In an effort to be a proactive teacher, I went to bed early and got to work a half hour early with breakfast and lunch en tote so that I could concentrate on the task at hand. Truth be told, being prepared and getting things done proved to be less difficult than procrastinating. Who would have thought?

The reward for pulling all of this off, plus two amazing classes, and creating a trivia game for my older kids (the answers are easy, but the questions are not!), was a trip downtown with Yuria Teacher to pick up books for my Korean adventure. On the bus we talked about how her name is actually Yulia--like the German Julia--but that she did not want to be confused for a Catholic saint since she is Buddhist. Kind of interesting!

The two useful phrases I have come away with is, "Let's go" (ga ja), and "That is right" (maj oiy yo). Coolly enough, I was listening to the TV and understood some of it thanks to this evening's lesson! Assa! These lessons were learned over a satisfying meal of bulgogi rice (a sweet/garlic beef with sticky rice) and a cup of Starbucks goodness. (Thus the post at 12:32 a.m.) Once I had my books in hand, we headed back home.

My plans for getting into bed with a book were soon forgotten when Ashley called me to see if I had written my reports yet. :) With a desire (but apparently not the will power) to work on it, I readily agreed. My practice in a kindergarten book has actually helped, and the grown up books are clarifying questions I had.

That said, I would like to announce that I am loved. I didn't get a package yesterday--I got two.

Tracy in all her kindness made two! CDs for me--one for coffee shops, and one with country. COUNTRY! I practically ran to my computer and jammed it in, and as the first few notes of Rascal Flats came across the speakers, I closed my eyes and was transported to a land of a green Honda Element cruising around on a deserted I-25, sound turned up and a home-cooked meal waiting. It's kind of interesting how music can do that.

The second box came from my darling parents, who in their infinite wisdom chose not to give my kids Halloweeny sugar-induced comas. Instead, mom sent hundreds (literally!) of paper games, spider rings, and fake tattoos. I see a fun day in my near future. (October 31 to be more specific.) For Halloween, Yuria and I are going to get costumes next Tuesday for our language exchange day. Should be fun! I'm going as a character from my kids' book, The Grouchy Ladybug--as in, I will be The Grouchy Ladybug.

In addition to crap for the kids, there's stuff for HER kid: Twizzlers (thanks, Dad), mascara (thanks, mom and spell check), and the most beautiful purple loafers I've ever seen. I tried to find them at a few Targets before I left, and my mom cared enough to continue pursuing them, sending them to me at a time when they really made my day.

So, thank you for your gifts, you guys. My week has pretty much been made. And to everyone else who has kept me in your thoughts and prayers (even if it's just enough to stop by to see the new ramblings), thanks.

Be sure to stay tuned. Thursday I have another language lesson, and it's going to be over a tasty meal of pig's feet.


Julie (It is.) said...

I came to the conclusion earlier today (after an email gaffe) that having your feet constantly in your mouth must be fattening. Makes me wonder if pig's feet are more or less so...

Glad you liked your package. I gotta remember to keep it under 4 pounds next time - the Customs form was TOO HARD. I'm totally blaming the twizzlers.

And now I understand why my cute little green car has a few twangy echoes that I keep trying to get rid of...

David Cook's new single comes out and will be featured on tomorrow :)

Tracy Paige said...

Glad the little gifts got to you. It apparently takes two weeks to get from Trout Creek, MT... to South Korea. Thats actually better than I thought it would be. Enjoy the tunes bud. Miss you.