Sunday, September 21, 2008

My dinner

So after being accosted by 5 14-year-olds bent on practicing their English, I almost ran home to escape into the English language. This hurriedness was only interrupted by a brightly colored sign catching my eye; I found a sandwich shop! The bread didn't look as enticing as a French hard roll or some fresh San Fran sour dough, but it was a SANDWICH SHOP!

I stepped up to the take away window and looked dumbly at the menu--have I mentioned my Korean lessons start Tuesday? After five failed attempts at procuring a picture menu, I pointed to something randomly in her shop, and she began assembling a $1.65 masterpiece.

This sandwich could not have been any more random. It was supposed to be ham and cheese, which is natural because everything here is pork or ham or bacon (think of how many times I eat galbi). I say supposed to, because like everything in this country, it was Koreanized. White bread? Check. Ham? Check. Processed cheese? Check. It all sounds normal, right? How about kiwi dressing? Sweet barbecue sauce? Cole slaw? A fried egg with corn and carrots in it?

Regardless, it was quite the feast for $1.65, and it was as bizarre as it sounds, but it was also delicious.


Julie (It is.) said...

Kate, as you may recall when you lived in Clarksdale, Mississippi, they served thier BBQ sandwich with coleslaw on it as well. It took some getting used to, but it was quite tasty once you did. Not sure about the egg thing, but that could be taken off. So, how do you say no egg please in Korean?


Julie (It is.) said...

New picture scrapped :)