Tuesday, September 9, 2008

As posted over piping hot ramen noodles

Seriously, I don't know why college campuses don't offer this ramen brand. It's AMAZING. I seriously chose ramen over (the best) fried chicken. Mmmmm. Lip-burning goodness.

Tuesday and Thursdays are definitely my favorite days. I have a lighter class load (6), and it's all little kids. Usually I'm just tickled pink, but today I realized in my classes that I really haven't ... taught them anything. One of my classes is comprised of kindergartners who go to Korean kinder, then come for English lessons after. After 2 weeks, now, they still don't understand the concept behind "fill in the blank," and they don't understand enough English for me to explain it, I guess. So the 40 minutes ended, and we were equally frustrated with each other by the end of the session. I'm going to have to work on something for Thursday--this can't continue.

The last class is the same situation as the one I just described, except they're even younger and in an even lower class. I'm pretty sure they don't ever look at their books except for when they're in class, which really makes remembering vocabulary difficult. The parents don't want the kinder guys to have any homework, so I'm not really sure what to do.

Other than eat ramen and clean my apartment. Simultaneously delicious and scary! The chuseok (chusok, lots of spellings) cookies han bak (that's my interpretation of what it was called, anyway) are deeeelicious.

Something interesting about Korea that I wanted to point out, I sent 2 packages home and included my cell phone number on the return label. They actually TEXT you when international packages arrive at Seoul, so you know where things are going to be! Love it.

I started re-reading Captivating, and it's enriching my nights as I search for God's opinion of me, and I wrote down a preliminary list of things I like about me. I got 20 new pens, so I kind of had to use some imagination so I could use each of them. Bwuaha.


pam said...

Ok, I finally got an account so I can leave a comment occasionally. You make me laugh daily! Thanks for sharing your adventure. However between your blog and that of a friend suffering terminal pacreatic cancer, I sometimes don't get much done! By the way, my friend's blog is just as entertaining. It's all about attitude. You both make me readjust mine daily! So, hang in there, keep a positive spin and keep writing! I'm so glad I don't have to eat squid.......

AshleighB. said...

Keep yourself on the positive track dearie! Don't fret...this too shall pass. I love reading your blog on my lunch break- you make me feel like I am actually there with you! Love it...just love it!
I am at 7 weeks now...and already not fitting into my pants! Agh! I think I might be having twins. :) I will keep you up to date- Take care!

Tracy Paige said...

You know when I think about it, American kindergarteners have a hard time with the concept "fill in the blank" too. It might just be an age thing rather than an English thing. I'm sure you'll figure out something though. Maybe give them two word choices and see which one they pick. Kind of like... "a quacking bird is a... 1. Duck... 2. Dog" Just an idea. Might get their heads around the concept a bit easier. Keep smiling and use your 20 pens to write me... *teases*. I am planning on sending you my little surprise today. Is it Pukgu or Bukgu? On the letter you sent me it said Pukgu but on the Address you have on here its with a B.
Keep on trucking,