Sunday, September 7, 2008

Korean Skittles

Using my amazing Korean-reading skills, I can determine that I am currently eating some sort of candy from Asia. I think it is Bitears, trying to translate letters to letters. My current judgment is, "Hm. I'm kind of glad that nothing in this country comes in individual packages, and thus I have 3 of these!"

So, hailing from the land of "if 1 is good, 12 are better," it is Korean Thanksgiving this coming weekend. From Saturday to Tuesday, I am free to ponder the meaning of Chusok (maybe look up the meaning?). Just like when the holidays hit the States, the gift packages are out but they're even more elaborate, huge, and bizarre. Everything in the first place comes in bulk, so when they say gift basket, it's more like gift pantry closet: I saw a Spam set that honestly had 18 tins of Spam. Eighteen tins of Spam! "Here, have enough Spam to get you through a nuclear winter; Happy Thanksgiving!"

I just got in from my corner market (thus the Bitears), where they joined the festive approach; you can get a complete 10-piece dental care system--and it doesn't even come with a toothbrush. It's all sorts of toothpastes, rinses, and other ... creams? If I was making a 10-piece set, I think I'd include toothbrushes. But I guess one of those baskets would last you until next Chusok.

I would like to point out the unfairness that The Office Season 4 does not come out in Korea. :(

So this weekend was as action-packed as one would expect. I said good-bye to Jamie, and I teared up. She was the first person I knew in Korea, and she took care of me that first day, teaching me to never, ever, ever under any circumstances jay walk (Ashley later taught me the joyful terror of jay walking), the pleasure of taking a taxi to McDonald's, and to stand up for myself when things aren't okay at work. I'm grateful to still have contact with two of her friends, one of whom shares my dedication to butter.

My posts seem to have less of a point lately, more just rambling. It feels like something is being processed and coming to the surface, though, so bear with me a few more days. :)


Julie (It is.) said...

So do you get turkey for Chusok?

Julie (It is.) said...

Found on the web:

"The Korean Harvest Festival — called Chusok, Chuseok, or Hangawi — is similar in spirit to Thanksgiving, but with less football and much more garlic."

Kati said...

No turkey :(

and for those who might be curious, I got the name of the candy wrong. It's Beatles. Haha. Like the band and the bug.

Not like the car, though. That's just preposterous.

Tracy Paige said...

Leave it to your mom to actually look up the meaning and post it. How awesome is that? *GRINS*