Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nothing too exciting, but I have my fans to update!

I guess the newness is wearing off, now. I haven't seen anything so out of place that I had to rush home and update my blog with whatever zany story. On Tuesday night, after I went to coffee with Yuria, we had Curtis's going away party, which was just dinner but I was grateful for the chance to say good bye. I thought I had fallen asleep for the get together the night before. He seemed like a good guy, and I was sorry to see anyone decent who spoke English leave.

Wednesday night, I went out with Yuria to record something in English for a class of middle schoolers she helps at the Buddhist place she attends. I felt pretty special being able to help in that way. She took me out for a dinner (Ramen!) and helped me buy a book to start writing/learning Korean.

When I showed her my progress, she laughed.

I guess my writing was kind of child-like, what with it being a different alphabet and all, but she seriously laughed each time she turned the page. I guess it's a little harder than I first treated it. I still got my stickers, though, when I finished the pages. (That's right, stickers.)

So, I guess my plan for Korean fluency is a little premature (what do you mean 4 months isn't enough?), and I am going to work on it tonight. It's felt like I haven't stayed home for a week (I think it's because I haven't), so I could use a rest. That and Alice Teacher is going to be checking my pronunciation tomorrow.

In my excitement over having a life, I haven't sent out any letters for a while, but I'll be sure to update people soon. Thank you for your letters, those who have sent them; I look forward to getting mail!


AshleighB. said...

I also am a ramen fan! Now...if I were to send mail, how do I send it? I need an address right?! Email me chica!

Tracy Paige said...

Well I must say I'm proud that you are making the effort to learn Korean. Don't get frustrated. You're great with languages so I'm sure you'll pick up on things pretty quick. Keep chugging chica rosa!

Julie (It is.) said...

Fluency is highly overrated. And stickers, you got stickers, right? That's better than mere fluency!