Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Awesome Ashley Adventures

This afternoon I was drifting off after a hectic day of Costco-ing (I got two types of cheese and almost peed my pants at the sight of real Parmesan) and felt my phone vibrate. Considering I'd rather hang out with my friends than do anything else in the world, I whipped that sucker open. "Do you want to go to (somekoreanplaceI'veneverheardofbefore)?" Ashley basically had me at "do you want to," so ten minutes later I was at her place, not exactly recovered from Costco but eagerly anticipating this new place to go.

The number 2 bus ride turned into a fantastic night-long adventure. As we approached downtown, Ashley looked at me and with a thoughtful look stated, "I think it's bang time." The bang idea is not a new concept; the discussion had been stewing for a month, to the point where like hangover soup, it was ready to boil over. A quick wandering to a salon called Cinderella (could you go wrong with a name like that?), I was shampooed, cut, styled, and ready to go only $15 later. One of the great things about Korea is round faces are pretty common, so they're already accustomed to doing hair to flatter round faces.

I was so pleased with the outcome that when I met up with Ashley, I kind of nudged her into the make up thing next. Who knew a Tuesday night in South Korea would be the perfect time and place to go through a whole evolution? (I had even put on earrings before leaving the house! GASP!) After trying on basically every lipstick there was, I settled on one that in theory plumps your lips; I'll be trying it another time, but what I have noticed is a deep burning sensation, thanks to peppermint. It's pretty awesome. I also came away with more shiny makeup than any 14-, 25-, or 89-year-old should ever have.

Insert grin.

I'm pleased with the results. Hair? Check. Make up? Check. Bus card? No check. I got my first bus card, so I no longer have to carry around a bag of change with me wherever I go--exciting! It's also good for the subway, so I was set for adventure #4: navigate subway to Woobang Tower Land. After a little head scratching, missing a train, and giggling at Sawol, we made it. Hot (me), sweaty (me), and ready to find the tower. (Adventure #5)

All along I'd had the premonition that climbing would be involved. To be honest, my confidence in Korean forethought to install elevators is a little lax, so when I saw the tower I was pleased to realize there's no way that anyone would have to climb 78 flights to see the beautiful view. What I failed to take in, though, was the fact that I would have to climb up to floor 1. Despite the 1-2 hours of walking I do every day, the hill just about forced me to throw up the chicken bake that had only partially digested at the time. Ashley's patience was rewarded, though, as I and my lunch did make it with minimal whining--seeing as how I was solely focused on gasping. Choosing to skip the observation deck (since we didn't technically pay admission), we headed to the 83rd floor for "coffee." The view really was amazing. The city is just so lit up and vibrant at all hours of the night, regardless of the day; it's not quite like Vegas, but it sure is constant fun.

I'm really glad I got to go.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, and I must face my beloved kindergartners once again. The next three days I am going to focus on what Jesus told his disciples, to let the little children come unto him. I have a lot of love to give, and I want them to know I love them--regardless of whether they can pronounce aquarium.


Miss Chris said...

You look fantastic!

Julie (It is.) said...

Dad loves your blog. Hair is adorable, adventures sounded great, Yay for Ashley for spearheading more fun!

Tracy Paige said...

Love the hair K-bug. Wanna know something funny... through most of college I had the short hair and yours was longer... Now my hair is past my shoulders and yours is very cute and short. Great look!