Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I <3 The Office.

Tamara sent me The Office Season 4. I got the Amazon box, and I was like, huh, I guess mom decided not just to spoil me but to spoil me rotten. ... I open it up and I see, "The Office Season 4" and grin stupidly. At this point in time, my class is definitely not doing their work, but they aren't talking either: they're all watching me as my eyes well up at the note inside. Not only have I been overwhelmed with presents, but by three people this week. Three!

Thank you!

Today was another long day that involved a lot of quick thinking. I knew I worked well under pressure, but who knew I worked even better under pressure when prepared. I don't think that side of the coin ever occurred to me before. Habitual procrastinators always say, "Oh, I work better under pressure." Better than what? Better than not under pressure? What if you were under pressure with resources? Holy crap!

Today was Korean lessons day 2, with Cindy. Mostly we talked in English, and she looked over my persistent attempts at writing Korean. She was actually impressed with my handwriting. Who knew I had nice handwriting and just needed to write in another alphabet, hehe. Here is what we practiced: English words using the Korean alphabet.


I can't figure out how to install the alphabet. Will have to try again later, I need to go study!


Sues said...

Wow, that was fast! What a great gift she sent! I hope you will enjoy a little bit of home!!!

BTW - If you think I drew that picture, you're drinking too much rice wine!!! It's a stamp silly! I just colored it!!!

Send me your address - I might just pop something in the mail too!!!


Julie (It is.) said...

Under pressure with resources. Heh heh...