Monday, February 23, 2009


I forgot to tell the funny story from going to church last week...

The Koreans have absurdly long torsos. As in, all of their shirts are the really long baggy style because it's considered inappropriate to show any skin, except for their legs. They wear the teeny tiny skirts to make their legs look longer than they are. As it is, I was walking behind an older woman, compared to whom I was a good foot taller. I could clearly walk up to her and put my chin on her head (although this would probably be of poor taste, so I refrained).

Abby and I sat down, and the woman wandered off to talk to her friends. She decided to sit in front of me, with which I had no problem, what with being obscenely taller than her.

I could not see around her!

I am 5'9", and have legs longer than most of my students are tall, to which most people will tell me to stop complaining about. But it is mildly embarrassing to get your view blocked by a grandmother who barely reaches the 5" mark.


misha ryan said...

kate, when I get there can you help me find a korean language class?
cute story, I'm 6' tall so I'm sure i'll seem gia-normous to them.

Tracy Paige said...

Oh my goodness that hillarious! Would have never have thought that would happen with how short they are in general.

TLL484 said...

I would totally fit in with all the other people who have freakishly long torsos!!! :)