Sunday, February 15, 2009

Language Exchanges 2.0: Now with even more ogling!

As it turns out, there are churches in Daegu with English services. Today Abby picked me up and took me to one of them, and I just so thoroughly appreciate her company. She has good stories and a good head on her shoulders; I'm really glad to know her. We got there on time (despite constant fears of wrong turns), and the worship was good, and the sermon radically changed my life. It was about loving people, regardless of what they've done, regardless of how innocent you are and how wronged you are, because that is how people learn best about God: when we show His amazing love in our daily lives. I finally felt ready. After so, so, so many years, I gave it up and forgave the people from my childhood and chose to love them. When I did, a weight lifted, and the anxiety I've felt for weeks (decades) left. It's like I finally released my demon, and now I'm free to be the Kate God always intended.

I also met a new person who looks exactly like my cousin Pam. Except for being black. So I met Pam's twin. Who is black. While living in South Korea. BiZaRo.

So... this is me. Today I met with Albert, who went against the Korean tendency and was earlier for our meeting than I was. He was playing basketball and watching the others in the batting cages, so I let him be while I watched a crane--we were at least 15 minutes early. (Eager? Yes. It also took me substantially less time to walk it than last time--woo hoo!) He smelled so good and looked so devastatingly handsome in his pea coat and black turtleneck.

We practiced English for three hours, at which point in time it was six and we ran out of steam. "Are you hungry? Let's get dinner." Oh, gee, twist my arm why don't you. After some wandering around (that included crossing a busy street twice), we settled on the soup that Abby and I had rejected earlier in the day, the spicy soup made with pig spine. He mocked my chopstick skills, and then pulled the meat off of the bones for me and cut my cabbage. I felt mildly stupid, but whatever, I'm a foreigner. Might as well accept the stereotypes that work for me. He saw me smirking because a man was drinking soju. He asked if I wanted some, and I said no, then I asked if he wanted some, and he said yes. Bwuahaha. So we split a bottle, and there was mocking involved on both sides of the floor-sitting table. I had a really fun time.

He walked me home and quizzed my vocabulary. We parted with a handshake, but before I even got a chance to start blogging, I received a text saying what a good time he had.

"Kate Teacher, how are you?"
"I am happy." :)


Julie (It is.) said...

So I guess you aren't THAT pretty of an eater ;)

Love you. Glad about church. Still digesting Pam's black twin in S. Korea. So would that make her my cousin, too?

Tracy Paige said...

Hmmmm we really haven't chatted in a while... who the heck is Albert? Is he someone you can use your fliting skills on eh eh? Kind of sounds like it ... wooo wooo! Rarrrrr as little Peter would say. I miss you bud. Hope things are going well. Love you.

ps.... I think you need to inform Pam that she has a black twin in S. Korea. It might interest her.

MamaB said...

(((hugs))) It's amazing what God can do in our lives!!!!! Thanks for sharing your special "aha" moment!!!!!

pam said...

Ok, I need a picture of my "twin!" This reminded me of a funny story from the early 80's - remember when "big hair" was in? There was a place in Billings that you could get your picture taken, then they would superimpose different hairstyles on your face to see what doo you wanted. Way before the whole computer technology stuff! Anyway, I had them show me a blond version of big hair on my face, and I was surprised how much I looked like your mom - I hadn't ever noticed the resemblence before. The pictures are actually hideous now with all the "big hair" doos. If I remember, I'll scan them and send them - they are actually quite comical. So, now I am picturing my face painted dark with black curly hair.... Hmmm. Interesting.

James H. said...

So very cool about the God moment. Still pray for you every day and know that things for you are working in, "his" time.