Friday, February 27, 2009

Funny Text Messages

So yesterday as I was walking to the dry cleaner's, I got a wrong number call that wasn't much out of the ordinary. When he realized that I was speaking English, he switched to English and we discussed how he was Korean, I'm American, and how I'm not his girlfriend that he was looking for. Today I received the following:

1) Hello~ I'm live in Seoul. Yesterday I miss called you. Do you remember Me?

2) Can you speak Japanese or Korean? My name is Minami. And you? I need girl Friend

Just thought that was funny and worth posting. Happy Weekend!


Tracy Paige said...

hmmm so does that mean if it doesn't work out with your current crush you could call Minami? How far is Seoul from you? Could be an interesting story to tell grandkids.

Misha said...

you'll have to tell this story again at your wedding. What a great "how we met" story, tee hee ; )