Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Doubly Spoiled

My grandma sent me a package! It had lots and lots of Goldfish crackers, candy, a cute little plushie, and bath stuff. Awww. :) I'm so fortunate over here.

I can't believe how quickly February has flown. Here it is, T-minus until the new teachers arrive, graduation ceremonies commence, and well... I'm sure there's something else. Seven months have passed, and it feels like weeks. Weeks with very severe and frequent weather changes.

We got wind of the new kindergarten schedule, and it's pretty much like that game where you hit the timer and the entire board filled with little pieces are scrambled up into the air, and you have to fit them back in before the buzzer goes. I think I'll have two classes of non-English speakers, but I think that means I'll have Aidan. And to be honest, despite his different way of learning, I do like being his teacher.

My leg's really doing quite well. I can speed walk, now, and my flexibility is increasing. The swelling has dramatically reduced, and I couldn't be happier. Today it's a little swollen, but if memory serves, despite being swollen it's still thinner than when I arrived in this wonderful country.

I guess I had less to say than at first I thought. My oddly quiet thoughts are with you all, though.


misha ryan said...

I have quiet thoughts of you too, daily. In fact I mention you so much to my family it's amazing we've never even met face to face.

Shanners said...

I've just mostly caught up with reading your blog - hadn't been by in a while, I guess. You are still wonderfully entertaining, and I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, and following your adventures. Going to the bug museum must have been quite an experience. I can't believe they sent larvae home w/ the kids!
I'm glad your leg is healing and I hope you get a wonderful text from a certain somebody soon!
Take care. :)

James H. said...

You are still quietly rockin' in the free world.