Saturday, February 21, 2009

Quick Catch Up

Thursday was kind of self-pity day. And by kind of I mean I spent a fair part of the day in tears. I got out the crying that I wanted to do in November (a la cast), and I feel a lot less watery, now. And now it's out of my system, I can focus on what is important right now: having an awesome graduation for my awesome kids and preparing for my new awesome kids.

I'm going to be teaching two six-year-old classes starting in March. Neither of them have ever learned English before, and to be honest when I'm wandering around after their pre-kinder classes, they look quite terrified of me. One of them, though, is a familiar face: I'll have, of course, Aidan. Total, I will have 17, and I have high hopes. I won't have the "elite" status of teaching the smartest kids in school anymore, and I won't have the status of being partnered with the head teacher, but this comes with the joy of getting to have two kinder classes until my contract is up.

Yesterday we were all just exhausted. The week had run long with snow (snow?), one of the teachers being let go, preparations for graduation, being told we have to work on Saturday, and so forth. So it came time for Soju Friday, and only Kayleigh and I headed out into the cold, and in the end only Kayleigh had soju.

So today I have orientation to meet the parents of my new students, and I think after I'll head off to catch up on some of the Korean I'll be missing. One lucky thing for sure, because I'm going to miss three classes in a row, but because I'm bright enough to catch up, the YMCA is going to give me a private lesson this Thursday, and I'll be able to enroll in the next class. Hooray!

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