Thursday, February 5, 2009

Secret Single Behavior

I make this note not because it is important enough to be noted for eternity, nor because it reveals anything in particular about Korean culture. I update because I am completely amused by myself.

I have developed a habit since moving back to my apartment that, when I get home I have the motivation to take off my right shoe and right pant leg to prepare for my nightly retreat into pajamas. By the time I get to the left leg, though, usually 30 minutes have passed while I've spent time texting, looking up a Korean phrase, or talking in an instant message.

In other news, yesterday after physical therapy they hooked me up to a calf-massager for probably 20 minutes, and while it hurt more than I ever imagined a massage feeling, it really did the trick. There has been one muscle in particular that's been super sore in the front left of my ankle, to the point where I still couldn't walk down stairs very well. Now, however, I've got practically no limp and the pain is only when I whack it against something (usually my other knee when I remember to finally take off my left sneaker).

I just got in from dinner and coffee with A&A and Abby. ... So, AA&A, haha! I'm excited to know people who want to go to Seoul with me, now, and do some proper exploring. Being around them also inspires me to eat better; tonight I had soup made from tuna fish and kimchi with a bowl of rice, and for lunch I ate a fourth of a pizza instead of half. (I still ate a Snickers for breakfast, but I heard it's about the same nutritional value as an energy bar~)

Reason number 1596, ma: definitely on the verge.