Monday, February 16, 2009


Today was a pretty ordinary day. I woke up glad to be going to work. Headed out the door looking relatively pressed, having gotten in a small chat with my mom and sister as they wrapped up their weekends. As someone who is typically early for all things (yet procrastinates everything?), it's still strange to be sixteen hours early for 1) the onset of the weekend, and 2) the onset of the work week. One student spent most of the day trying to get my total, undivided attention, another spent the entire day with his hand down his pants and wiggling his loose front tooth with his tongue. It was a relatively unglamorous morning--but as the buses pulled away with their precious cargo, I sighed looking forward to what tomorrow will bring.

In the afternoon, I was immediately annoying, asking Jin if a package had come for me. It had! My mom sent me homemade cookies. I know if I don't eat them that they'll go moldy, and that they were sent to be enjoyed, but... I also kind of just want to keep one. Shaniquah would probably just run away again and steal it, though, so really there's no point. When I wrote my list of "wish I'd broughts," I really did write it with future Korea-ers in mind; the thought never occurred to me that I would get some of those things--so thank you, mama.

That said, I have a book to go enjoy. Good night~


Julie (It is.) said...

Ha, I wasn't even sure they'd be edible by the time you got them, but I figured I should at least try... Love you!

MamaB said...

You've got a very special mama who obviously has a very special daughter! Enjoy your know that's what she wants you to do!!!!! giggle

misha ryan said...

I'd love to read your list of "wish I'd broughts" and thank you for projecting into the future of English teachers in Korea. YOU ARE AWSOME katie!

Julie (It is.) said...

Well, she's right. You are. Even without the "e..." or the "i."