Monday, November 10, 2008


Christmas is canceled! Not really, but I'm supposed to go somewhere warm as opposed to cold, slippery Beijing.

-Hong Kong, China
-Taipei, Taiwan
-Naha, Japan
-Manila, Philippines

Anyone have an opinion?


Tracy Paige said...

I have a few friends back home from Taiwan and all they can talk about is how beautiful and warm it is. So I guess thats my vote. Just don't blame me if it turns out to be rainy instead since its the winter season in that neck of the woods. If I had the money I'd fly you out here for Christmas... we could go chop down a real tree and decorate the heck out of it. Instead I'll be decorating a little plastic thing that Mace loves. Its actually a nice tree... but it doesn't smell like a tree ya know? Miss ya buddy!

Julie (It is.) said...

Do they have Christmas trees in Daegu?

pam said...

Wow! Ok you caused me to waste a LOT of time at work! I decided to be a little informed on my advice, so took a look at all four on the web. I want to go to all four! If I had to choose on weather alone, it would be between Hong Kong and Naha. Taipei sounds like it could be a little cool and wet and Manila could actually be hot. If you look at tourism though, it gets a little more complicated. Since you are living in a very large city with lots of shopping and night life, Naha kind of jumped out to me as being a little unique in that it is a bit smaller and looked like there was a lot of interesting touristy spots to visit -temples, etc. And it's one of the better weather places. I hear Hong Kong is fabulous, so you can't go wrong there. Manila makes me a bit nervous with it's political scene and safety issues. So, I guess if I had to choose, it would be Naha first, but any of them sound exotic and fun! Me, I get to choose between 2521 Galena Ct and Georgetown Lake. Not that I am complaining, both are wonderful Chirstmas destinations. But I'd give up a Christmas anytime to do what you are doing! Don't get me wrong - you're not giving up CHRIST -he is everywhere! You're only giving up the traditional part of the American Christmas.... I'll be excited to hear your decision!