Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How many kindergartners does it take...

Happy Pepero Day! I'm hopped up on Pocky! Woo hoo! (And caffeine.. forgot Coke had so much. Wheeeeeeee.)

So I'm sitting in class, watching my 5 7-year-old boys (who are actually 6) like a hawk to prevent loss of limb or eyeball on this fake holiday day (e.g. Valentine's Day-esque, get hopped up on candy but you don't get to miss school), and I see that someone is having troubles sharpening his pencil. This is not a rare occurrence because the pencil sharpeners here in Korea are actually quite intelligent. After instructing him to dump the shavings in the trash, I watch as he gets up and gingerly places the whole machine in the trash can and stares at it. The thought crossed my mind to help him, but I figured I'd wait and see what happened. The four other boys in the class swarmed him in true male fashion and yelled in Korean what to do, when English so obviously failed. (Fialed to all those geeks out there.)

I'm not really sure I can answer "How many kindergartners does it take to empty a pencil sharpener," though, because I'm sure that it depends on the number of kids in the classroom. In this instance it was five, but had there been nine thousand twelve, I am sure every single one of them would have been offering assistance.

Yesterday I went for my weekly x-rays (cost= $6, $1/x-ray), and I finally got to see them up close. I'm pretty glad I didn't see them at first, although I am glad to have all of the information now. It turns out I broke my leg in two places, and there was actually an inch-and-a-half of bone that wasn't attached to anything at all. (Mel's response, "That's probably why it hurt so much, aye.") By now the bottom part has pretty much realigned and knit well with the other part. The top has made improvements, too. It's pretty cool to see how much of a miracle not needing surgery really turned out to be. While I still hope it's only 13 more days, Realistic Kati (that voice given opportunity to speak once every three or four months) thinks 20 days is pretty reasonable. We'll see what my doctor says. To Jin, anyway, because he still avoids having to talk to me. (God forbid he use the English that his parents paid thousands of dollars for him to learn from people who went to Korea to teach and ended up breaking their legs... Irony~)

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Julie (It is.) said...

This amused your father to the point where he was firing comments to me non-stop. After about 6 of 'em, he stops and says, "you aren't going to write any of these down, are you?"

And I didn't. But I'm pretty sure you can imagine ;)

(aka the Secretary gets the last word)