Thursday, November 20, 2008


So, remember that optimistic post about looking forward to Friday's X-ray and letting the icky first part of the week fall away? Last night I had an "incident." I was hobbling back from the bathroom, sat down on my bed (okay, flopped), and passed out. I woke up a few minutes later convulsing and sweating. The shaking and sweating went away, but my heart rate stayed at well over 100 beats per minute. I called Jin and set up to go to the hospital today.

I didn't make it to school, and I felt so badly because people were already covering classes because another teacher is gone for a family emergency. Considering the struggle I went through just to get down the few stairs of my apartment, though, I definitely made the right choice. Just sitting up exhausted me!

The hobble into the doctor's office was the longest, most painful trip of my life. More than once my eyes welled up, and I didn't think I was going to make it, but Troy was as patient as he's ever been (translation: he's male, so he hasn't ever exhibited GREAT patience, but today at least tried) and my guardian angel somehow boosted me along the way. Thankfully they took me to the doctor that spoke English. Unfortunately, when I said I was scared, she answered that she was, too. Dr. Stoic would have at least mumbled it in Korean.

So, a chest x-ray later (for the coughing, difficulty breathing), and an EKG, we discovered that laying down my heart rate was 128 and sitting up 138, and my blood pressure was a whopping 106/63. I found this ironic since at my initial medical screening they took my blood pressure three times because it was too high.

After all is said and done, I've rested, and I've come to terms with my own limits. Jin will make Troy go grocery shopping for me, my friends are being extra attentive, and I am fully willing to take any help offered.

Bright spots of my day...
My babies missed me :)
Everyone did check up on me
I got to talk to my mom!
They washed my toes for me for the EKG! (They haven't been washed since my last EKG when I initially broke my leg)
8 days (hopefully) until the green machine comes off
Mel and I ate sweet and sour pork, Korean style!
I went to the bathroom, turned down the heat, and locked the door in 9 minutes, and I was tired after the trip, but no passing out.


Julie (It is.) said...

Love you :)

James H. said...

Hang in there kid.

You are in our prayers.