Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Unexpected Side Effects

So, I broke my leg three weeks ago. I knew there would be certain results associated with the situation: crutches, atrophy, and a case of cabin fever. I did not anticipate that after 3 weeks of quasi-healthy eating (so ramen isn't exactly nutritious, but it's not fried), three slices of pizza would do me asunder. Heather and I got Domino's for lunch, and after two pieces I was already feeling it. Feeling macho, for some reason, I got into the third and have felt sick for the last eight hours.

At some point in time on Sunday, I decided this week was going to suck. And true enough to my prediction, it has. Today I was just nasty, and I don't like being that way. No one wants to hug a cactus. So I'm changing my tune, and I have decided to just look forward to Friday when the doctor will tell me my leg is 80% better. I don't even really care if he cuts off the top of my cast, particularly if it will help it be 100% come November 28. I believe that is the Friday after Thanksgiving, and so it will still technically be Thanksgiving back home, and I can think of well... only one thing that would be better right now.

Tracy's dad is back in the hospital. Any prayers would be appreciated. Thanks.

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