Monday, November 10, 2008

A quiet weekend of going insane

For whatever reason, I only have local internet access at my temporary apartment, which means I can access the internet through programs such as AIM, Limewire, Skype, and so on. Inexplicably, I cannot access it through a browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox) or MSN. (I could use MSN for a day, and then something FUBARed.)

So... it leads to less posting, and a significant case of boredom. Yesterday I was so desperate I figured out how to do laundry, and then I was sort of amused by doing laundry. It involves balling up all my dirty clothes and sort of playing basketball with them. Then, 1 hour 21 minutes later, I throw them all into a plastic sack and balance precariously on my crutches while trying to hang the wet articles of clothing.

I am grateful to have a washing machine in my apartment.

Not quite desperate enough to study Korean, I practiced writing and said some of the words out loud. Mostly what saved me, though, is the fact that I can download movies, and my mom, Tracy, Kip and Dev have AIM to talk with. While Tracy was on vacation in Denver, we got to spend a lot of time talking, so when I was suddenly cut off in the hospital, I really started to miss her.

I am grateful for the extra time to talk to the people I love.

Speaking of talking to the people I love, my parents have discovered the key to calling me in Korea. So I got to talk to them a lot this weekend, and it was really nice. I wouldn't say I'm homesick, but I do miss my parents' antics. *Insert unintelligible English-accented jibberish.*

I am grateful to be stronger on crutches, for sure!

I am grateful that Obama won--because now my prayers for America have become more fervent.

I am grateful that my parents don't need to worry about the phone bill.

I am almost grateful that I broke my leg. I haven't had coffee (coppee?) since October 29, with only one exception. That's pretty big for me. I'm trying to avoid caffeine for faster healing, though.

This morning I actually got up early before work (early = 8:30, haha) and showered. There really isn't anything quite like a shower to get you ready for the day. It feels good not to have bedhead.

It's kind of a rambling post, and if I was Mr. Bonawitz I'd probably make me re-write it, but I'm not, and I'm not. :)


Julie (It is.) said...

The unintelligible English accented gibberish that was inserted was quite spectacular.

Just thought you should know :)

Miss Chris said...

Since you seem to have a great laundry system can I send you mine???? Good for you on the coffee front. I had to give up caffeine for medical reasons about 10 years ago. It was a really tough couple of months when I quit, but I felt so much better when I was not relying on it.