Monday, November 17, 2008

Hobble hobble hobble!

This morning I discovered that gobble typoed is hobble. And since there is no such thing as turkey in Korea, there will be no "real" Thanksgiving for me... so no gobble gobble gobble, but thanks to recent events there is much hobble hobble hobble. I'm such an ironic genius.

On Friday, instead of updating my blog, I was being wheeled to the doctor's for my 6th set of x-rays in 2 weeks. Now, at the dentist's office when they take a set of x-rays, they used to drape your body in a lead vest to protect you from excessive radiation exposure. (They have canceled this practice since discovering that the lead vest actually trapped it in your body longer.) If radiation is so bad, then, why I have I had 42 x-rays since coming to Korea a little less than 4 months ago?

I wasn't supposed to go in for x-rays until today, but my leg absolutely hurts if I hold my leg certain ways in my cast. It feels as though the cast is pressing in against the bone breaks. I voiced my concerns and, well, that pretty much brings us up to the previous part of the story. The meeting with the doctor basically went like this.

Doctor looks at me. "No standing on leg. 만어라먼래뱌개민아럼." The nurse and I giggle here because *we* know he's changed into Korean, but he apparently doesn't as he continues to talk to me instead of Troy--the Korean standing next to me, who has really been a trooper the last 2 weeks. (He is Chief Fetcher of the Shoes and Chief Chauffeur.) (And my apologies if the above is real Korean, and I insinuated that I was going to blow anything up--I was just hitting random keys.)

So, with the same parrot-like command to stop standing on my leg (so long as there are stairs there will be standing) I head off to school where the message is delivered to Jin who then translates for me. My leg on Friday was 50% better (so today 60%? let's hope), and the x-rays really did look good. The bones are all realigned and just need to finish knitting together.

Something I can't figure out is the reiteration of not needing surgery. "No standing on leg" and "no operation needed." I wonder if he's trying for the same overwhelming joy I felt the first time I heard it. By now I wonder, is he just amazed or... Regardless, I am grateful not to need surgery. Although then I'd at least have a good scar. But then I'd just have to shave around/over it, and given my inabilities to shave without drawing blood, it is probably best that there is no surgical scar.

Since I have limited internet (AIM and Limewire only for whatever reason) and no television, I have lots of time for thinking. Yesterday I actually broke down and practiced Korean. (저는 선생님아에요. I am a teacher!) I also pondered what my reaction would have been had I had to have surgery. I think by the time I would have actually required the surgery, I would have been okay. Thanks to all of this marvelous spare time on my hands, I've had time to spend with God and have grown to a deeper understanding of His love for me and His ability to carry me through whatever I may be enduring. If you think about it, He is all-knowing. He knew on October 28, 2008, at 2:47 p.m., I would be in Daegu, South Korea, and break my leg. He saw fit to arrange an employer who would be understanding and helpful, coworkers who would be loving and caretakers, and a bizarre internet system where I can still talk to my mom and download a few things to keep me entertained. (e.g. The Big Bang Theory)

I'm really grateful to have near-constant access to my mom. She's helped me see God's love, made me laugh, and filled me in on Colorado life.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a week's worth of Lolcats to catch up on.
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