Thursday, November 6, 2008

Open class

Today we had our first open class in Kindergarten, which means the kids' parents can all come to see how things are going. It was the quietest 40 minutes of my stay in Korea. It was so awkward, but I guess there's a lot of sympathy for me what with the green cast and wheelchair and bronchitis.

I still have the bronchitis. :( Last night I coughed so much I actually threw up. I told Jin this, and prescriptions magically appeared on my desk before I got done with lunch duty.

It's really hard to be positive with this and the presidential election results. Fortunately, me and my income are protected overseas. When the dark thoughts creep in, I remind myself of that blog post about actually being happy. This, too, shall pass.


Julie (It is.) said...

Awwwww. Hugs. Hang in there. And you are right to encourage yourself with that post. One of the hard things about being young is that you have a shorter string of experiences to look back upon, so your perspective isn't as deep. Truthfully, election results aren't as important as keeping yourself centered in your own little universe. And indeed, this, too, shall pass. And God will find a way to make it work to our good.

Love you very much - Ma.

pam said...

Hi Kati,

Listen to your mother - she is very wise indeed!! I'm sorry things have been so tough for you. Take care of yourself and get over that cough! It is hard to enjoy anything when you are that exhausted. When you look back on this you will see the positives. You will remember the broken leg incident, but I think you focus on the fun it brought more than you will the pain and inconvenience. Don't let the election get you down - you can't control it. And remember, God asks us to obey our leaders no matter who they are. And I believe your Mom is right, He will find a way to make a positive out of all this. Even if it takes 4-8 years of misery to wake everyone up again! Our idea of patience and God's are on two different levels.... I still want to see a picture of your cast!

Love you, Pam

Miss Chris said...

You poor thing!! I am so sorry you are having this run of really bad luck. :( Chin up about the election! There are those of us who are ecstatic about the results and maybe we are right and the country will take a turn for the better!!