Monday, November 3, 2008

So I Broke My Leg In South Korea

The title pretty much says it all. On Wednesday afternoon, at 2:47, I left the doctor's office with a prescription for bronchitis. I stepped wrong on a ramp and rolled my ankle, scraping one side, then breaking the leg on the other--the fibula, to be more exact. I heard the crunch as I went down, and my first thought was, "But today's test day!" (I had been hurrying so that I would not be late. Haste makes waste!!)

As I sat on the sidewalk sort of stunned, I looked up at a Korean man staring at me and asked for help. Unfortunately, I know how to say "give me" and other useful phrases, but not help. Because God is a good God, a familiar face from the cell phone store rode by on her bike. She rode back to get the ambulance from the other end of the block, and then went to ECC to tell them what had happened. While I waited, a group gathered around me. Someone actually told me, "Uljima." Heh heh.

While I was being loaded into an ambulance to go to the emergency room, the head teacher made the announcement, "Kate's sick, we have to cover her classes." Heather, however, overheard Jin talking on the main phone and came in a few minutes later, "Kate broke her leg!!" That's right, if I'm going to call in sick, it's going to be with good reason. (At this job anyway.) Jin hurried to meet me at the emergency room where they all stood around waiting for someone to translate before treating me. We did the x-ray thing (the tech was evil), and sure enough I was in agony with good reason. Not good enough reason to administer say, pain medication, though. It will be a long time before I complain about cramps again. I have been through this whole experience 6 days, now, and have only had one shot for pain.

I had the option to transfer to a hospital closer to the school, which I took because if I wasn't going to have my mom and dad with me, I needed my friends. They really pulled through for me. Heather brought me soap, and I have never been so happy for soap before. She also brought me endless food and stories of Halloween. Mel, Ashley, Min, and Jin came by a lot which helped. Even Ross looked up the phone number of the hospital to call and see how I was doing. When he came by he brought a cactus. ... A cactus.

I'm kind of losing my focus. So. Today I'm back at school, and will have the cast for approximately another 24 days. Not that I'm counting.


Julie (It is.) said...

Hugs. That's what Ma says.

Cacti are low-maintenance, kinda pretty, and maybe have some special meaning in Korea.

That is what your dad says. He's all about defending manhood. I omitted telling him about "stupid..."

Miss Chris said...

Glad to hear from you! You have been in my thoughts. 24 days will be over in no time!

pam said...

I actually thought you had broken your fingers - that is the longest you've gone without posting! So sorry about the leg. God apparantly wants you to learn ALL kinds of lessons on your journey! I think it would be a lot of fun to see what all your students write on your cast. You'll have to take a picture and post it. Hang in there and keep looking at all the positives. You've certainly filled my life with excitement following your adventure. Pam

James H. said...

You poor thing, but glad that you're mobile.

Can't believe no pain meds. YIKES!

Tracy Paige said...

Well good God Kati! As if your trip to Korea wasn't going to be memorable enough on its own, you had to go and add broken bones to your adventure. Sorry to hear that it happened though. I know being in a cast can be a bummer. Hopefully the countdown will go by fast. Love ya chica rosa!