Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Twelve Days Of Castmas

So a few days ago, I was amusing myself and thought up that since I had 12 days left of having a cast, it was kind of like the 12 Days of Christmas--a.k.a. the world's longest song. I told Tracy about my idea, and well... her genius is too good not to pass on.

On the 6th day of Castmas my dumb cast made me need:
6 new blog posts,
5 calls to mom,
4 new x-rays,
3 toenails clipped,
2 grilled cheese sandwiches,
and a bottle full of advil.

I'm still giggling.


Tracy Paige said...

lol... does this make me a published song writer? Can't believe you actually posted that. Hey what happened to you adding on to it???? Huh huh??? Guess I'll have to come up with the rest later. I had something for 11 but now I don't remember. So sad.

Ashleigh said...

Absolutely hilarious that you made up a song! I will be sharing this song with my friends! You are very welcome for the turkey- keep healing!